While anyone can indicate they’re extensively involved in the dog community, Lisa Selthofer, President of Premier Canine Club, and hands-on dog trainer, is one of the elite few in the entire United States that can back up their dog training skills with solid credentials.

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  • Association of Pet Dog Trainers
  • International Institute for Applied Companion Animal Behavior
  • Association of Companion Animal Behavior Counselors
  • AKC Agility Judge
  • TAGteach International
  • American Red Cross Pet First Aid Certification


Lisa is one of approximately 175 people in the United States who is a certified American Kennel Club judge for a dog sport called Agility.

Lisa became a judge in 1999 and has achieved great success and continues to earn respect in the Agility arena.  Lisa commits to approximately 20+ judging assignments per year and travels extensively throughout the country acting as a positive role model and Ambassador for the sport of Agility.

If you would like to find out more about the prestigious American Kennel Club, please click here.


Lisa has been a successful Canine Trainer since 1996, teaching group classes, privates and semi-privates lessons and seminars with dogs of ALL breeds.

Lisa has also taken the opportunity to co-train with international team members and proactively attends seminars presented by top competitors and authors in the canine world.

As a trainer, Lisa utilizes her vast knowledge to work toward the success of each individual canine. While certain methods will work for the majority of canines, Lisa recognizes that like humans, each one is unique.  With that in mind, Lisa is not afraid to customize a skill set to a canine’s specific style.

Only experience can bring the vast knowledge necessary to quickly and successfully tailor a plan for each participant.

HUMAN TRAINER – Specialty in Adult Learning Theory

Lisa’s background includes over 10 years of developing, mentoring and training adults for a large, cutting edge, International, Fortune 100 company with over 200,000 employees.

How does this benefit canine handlers?  Simply put, Lisa knows how to train handlers to success.

Since Lisa comes from a company that utilizes state-of-the-art training resources and employs the countries top trainers, you benefit from her extensive experience in proven Adult Learning techniques.

By understanding how adults learn, Lisa can successfully communicate with handlers in a clear, acurate and understandable manner.  This means each handler gains more useful and relevant information from each training session.  A plus when training dogs!


Lisa is currently owned by four beautiful dogs, a Dalmatian named Pinky (MACH 2 Pinkus of Warrenville Acres), a Border Collie named Spot (MACH C Spot Run), a Border Collie named Coal (CHAMPION Comebye Black Gold, AK, OAJ, OF, CGG)  and the youngest addition to the pack, a young liver-spotted Dalmatian named Rouge (Anticipation Make Me Blush or just Ru for short).

Lisa has been competing in Agility & Obedience since 1996 and first achieved tremendous success with a non-traditional  dog, her Dalmatian Pinky.  In Agility, Pinky went from NA to MX in just over 6 months and earned her USDAA Master Agility Dog title when she was just 3 years old.  She went on to earn her USDAA Agility Championship Title by the age of 4.  Pinky has qualified in several USDAA Grand Prix, DAM Team and Steeplechase events and qualified to compete in the 2001 USDAA Nationals in California.  Pinky has also qualified for every AKC National since 2000.  Pinky was the first Dalmatian to earn an Agility Championship title and was the first Dalmatian to earn a MAD and is currently the only Dalmatian to have earned an ADCH in USDAA.

Pinky currently has a MACH2 in the AKC Agility Program and has also competed & earned titles in NADAC, UKC and USDAA.

Pinky earned her CD with 3 first places in 3 consecutive shows, has done tracking and is also an experienced Service Dog.

Spot, Lisa’s older Border Collie, quickly went from competing in Agility Novice to Excellent and is currently working to complete his MACH2 in AKC.  Spot is also an excellent Service Dog and Therapy Dog.

Coal, Lisa’s youngest Border Collie, has earned his Excellent Agility titles and has earned his AKC Championship title in Conformation.

Ru, the youngest of the pack will first compete in Conformation where she will work toward her Championship title and is currently training for Obedience and Agility.

Lisa has also competed with a Doberman named Twister and a Labrador named Sadie (who earned her AKC MACH in 2005 and PAX in 2007).

Lisa has trained several rescue dogs, including a Dalmatian named Ruby, a deaf Dalmatian puppy and Spot, her Border Collie.  She was an active member with the Dalmatian rescue groups in the Illinois/Wisconsin area and actively supported the Border Collie rescue and Dalmatian rescue groups in Chicagoland area as well.


Lisa has been a successful Canine Business owner for over 15 years.

As a business owner, Lisa’s goal is to keep herself abreast of the latest training techniques, theories and learning skills so that she can be a continued resource to her clients.

Your success is our ultimate goal and you can count on  Lisa to be there every step of the way – no matter what your goals are.

Lisa Selthofer also worked as the Director of Training for a 20+ canine facility for over 2 years and is currently training at several locations throughout the Western Washington area.