Choice, not chance, determines destiny
Author Unknown
At Premier Canine Club, we chose early on to proactively obtain and practice the best dog behavior and training techniques available throughout the country.  We continuously sought to improve ourselves and to share the extensive wealth of information we had obtained.
To date, our President, Lisa Selthofer, has been to all but 10 states in the US as either a competitor, judge, or a seminar/workshop giver or participant.
Below is a sampling of some our dynamic experiences.
Training, Camps & Seminars
Our early years were blessed with weekly private lessons from Stacy Peardot-Goudy.  Stacy, who now resides in Fort Collins, CO is originally from the Milwaukee, WI area, 2 hours (one way) from Chicago, but the weekly drive was well worth it!  Stacy has been involved with agility since its first inception (pre 1995) and has been on the IFCS World Team for multiple years.  Additionally, Stacy coauthored “Go the Distance” with Bud Houston and has several Agility training videos out.
Another excellent experience was co-teaching with and training under Dana Pike.  Dana is an incredibly gifted handler. Her Jack Russell Terrier “Maybie” won the 2000 12″ USDAA Grand Prix of Agility World Competition and was chosen for the IFCS World Team in 2004.  Additionally, Dana has been on ESPN’s Great Outdoor Games, a televised annual event, with her Border Collie, Ticket.
Below are a sampling of the seminars, camps, workshops and/or private lessons that our owner, Lisa Selthofer, has participated in:
Linda Mecklenburg – runs Awesome Paws Agility in Ohio.  Linda is a founding member and frequent contributor to Cleanrun Magazine and is highly regarded in the Agility community.  Linda has a history of continued success with multiple dogs and trains several of the top competitors in the U.S.
Julie Daniels – runs White Mountain Agility in New Hampshire.  Julie is a National and International competitor and has also competed on the ESPN Great Outdoor Games.  Julie has also written several books, worked as a comentator for National Agility events and has a DVD Agility Series.
Jen Pinder – Jen is a gifted handler and trainer who believes in building strong foundations in canine training.  Jen has been a member of the AKC World Team, was selected to represented the US at Crufts in 2004 and has been on ESPN’s Great Outdoor Games.
Rhonda Carter – Rhonda is a top competitor in the canine world and has achieved advanced titles on her dogs.  Rhonda has been on both the AKC and USDAA Top Ten lists and placed second in the 1999 USDAA Nationals.  Most recently, Rhonda has represented the United States in the 2005 & 2006 International Agility Competitions.
Gerry Brown
Wendy Pape
Rachel Sanders
Karen Holik
Patti & Staurt Mah – This incredible team is as knowledgeable as they come.  Patti’s canine background began in behavior modification and her success is evident in the top level national competitions where she has placed.  Patti was also a member of the AKC World Team for multiple years.  Stuart is a 6-time member of the US international agility team and is also a 6-time USDAA national championship finalist. Stuart has won several national events and has written for several canine publications and he is also a certified judge.
Bud Houston – runs Campdogwood Training Center in Ohio and has numerous accomplishments including authored and coauthored several canine books, started and wrote for Cleanrun Publications, is a certified judge for several canine organizations and simply put, has taught since the beginning of canine time!
Elicia Calhoun – is an avid competitor both nationally and internationally.  Elicia has been on the AKC World Team several times and is a certified USDAA judge.  Currently, Elicia is working on a new book titled “Agility: Two Bodies, One Mind”.
Chris Zinc DVM, PhD – is know as “the foremost authority on the dog as an athlete (and) has put over 45 obedience, agility, retrieving, and conformation titles on dogs from three different groups.  She is a consultant on canine sports medicine and gives seminars worldwide to rave reviews.”  ”Chris is a veterinary pathologist and an Associate Professor at John Hopkins University School of Medicine, with over 70 scientific publications.”
Stephanie Spyr
Steve Frick – former AKC world team member and avid competitor in international style USDAA.